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Shan Masood is hoping for Babar Azam’s help to take the Pakistan Test team forward

Pakistan Test captain Shan Masood has expressed his admiration and confidence in star batsman Babur Azam and envisaged a key role to play in taking the national team to new heights

Masood highlighted Azam’s vast experience, highlighting his four-year stint as captain, during which he had a profound impact on the direction and performance of the team

“Babar is very experienced as he has been captaining the team for four years and even when he is not the team captain, he is still the leader of the team,” Masood said.

Acknowledging Azam’s ongoing leadership role in the team, Masood highlighted the batsman’s continuous contribution to the team’s growth.

“He is a big contributor who took this team forward. I think he will take this team forward from now on,” Masood asserted confidently.

The Pakistan Cricket Board on Wednesday appointed Masood as the Test captain of the Pakistan men’s cricket team. He has been appointed captain until the end of the 2023-25 ​​ICC World Test. Masood’s first task as captain will be the three-match series against Australia in Australia starting from December 14.

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