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PCB terminated Haris Rauf’s Central Contract


Recently, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) fined fast bowler Haris Rauf for refusing to join the Pakistan Test squad for the 2023-24 tour of Australia After a thorough investigation and hearing, the decision has had a big impact on players in Pakistan cricketing so ground playing. Let us delve into this unprecedented work of PCBs and their consequences.

Understanding the PCB’s Decision

The PCB’s decision to fine Haris Rauf stemmed from his refusal to join the Pakistan Test squad for the 2023-24 tour of Australia. Despite being entitled to represent his country, Rauf’s decision terminated his central contract, with effect from December 1, 2023. Moreover, the PCB has barred Rauf from obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to play in any overseas tournament through June 30, 2024.

Probe and Hearing Process

The PCB conducted a thorough investigation into Rauf’s refusal, which involved an extensive hearing process. All stakeholders were interviewed and Rauf was personally heard on February 30, 2024, by the principles of natural justice. However, the PCB deemed Rauf’s response during the hearing unsatisfactory, which led to the penalty.

The Significance of Playing for Pakistan

The PCB insists that playing for Pakistan is an honor and the last chance for any player. Representation of the national team is of utmost importance, reflecting not only individual talent but also a commitment to national pride and sporting excellence. Refusing to join the Pakistan Test squad without proper medical report or reasons is considered a serious breach of the basic agreement.

Ramifications for Haris Rauf

As a talented fast bowler, Haris Rauf’s bat delivers key results for the course of his career. The end of his central contract and ban from playing in foreign competitions until June 2024 could affect his professional development and opportunities to showcase his skills on the international stage and Rouf now faces the challenge of regaining trust in the PCB community.


  • What led to Haris Rauf’s penalization by the PCB? The PCB has punished Haris Rauf for refusing to join the Pakistan Test squad for the 2023-24 tour of Australia, a decision that was deemed a grave breach of his core contract.
  • When was Haris Rauf’s central contract terminated? Haris Rauf’s central contract was terminated by the PCB effective December 1, 2023, following a thorough hearing process.
  • Is there a restriction on Haris Rauf’s participation in foreign leagues? Yes, the PCB has barred Haris Rauf from obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to play in any foreign league until June 30, 2024.
  • What opportunity did the PCB provide Haris Rauf during the hearing process? The PCB provided Haris Rauf with a chance for a personal hearing on January 30, 2024, in compliance with the principles of natural justice.
  • Why does the PCB emphasize the significance of playing for Pakistan? The PCB considers playing for Pakistan the ultimate honor and privilege for any sportsperson, reflecting national pride and commitment to excellence.
  • What are the implications of refusing to join Pakistan’s Test squad? Refusal to join Pakistan’s Test squad without a valid medical report or justifiable reason is considered a material violation of the central contract, with significant repercussions for the player.


The penalization of fast bowler Haris Rauf by the PCB highlights the importance of dedication and integrity in professional sports. As Rauf takes this decision afterward, the cricket community will be watching closely, hoping for a solution and the eventual international return of one of Pakistan’s most promising talents.

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