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New Zealand’s Rising Star Rachin Ravindra Gears Up for Bangladesh Test Series


New Zealand’s cricket sensation, Rachin Ravindra, is set to face a new challenge after his stellar performance in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. Scoring 578 runs with an impressive average of 64.22 and showcasing his left-arm spin with five wickets, Ravindra has captured the cricketing world’s attention. Now, the focus shifts to the two-Test series against Bangladesh starting on 28 November.

Test Cricket: A Different Challenge

Ravindra’s Limited Test Experience

Despite his remarkable achievements in white-ball cricket, Ravindra has played only three Tests, with modest returns. However, his World Cup exploits position him as a strong contender for a spot in New Zealand’s Test XI against Bangladesh.

Anticipation for the Test Series

The upcoming Test series presents a significant opportunity for Ravindra to prove himself in the longer format, and fans are eagerly awaiting his performance against the Tigers.

World Cup Triumph and its Impact

Exceptional World Cup Statistics

Ravindra’s 578 runs, including three centuries and two half-centuries, along with five wickets in the World Cup, have not only elevated his profile but also sparked discussions about his role in Test cricket.

Influence on Test Considerations

The question now arises: How does Ravindra’s white-ball success translate into considerations for the red-ball format? The cricketing community is buzzing with speculations.

Adjusting to Red-Ball Cricket

Ravindra’s Perspective on the Transition

In a video released by New Zealand Cricket, Ravindra shared his thoughts on transitioning from white-ball to red-ball cricket. He emphasized the positive intent required in red-ball cricket.

Importance of Adapting to Conditions

Understanding the pitch conditions is crucial, according to Ravindra. While maintaining a positive mindset, he acknowledged the need to dial back the risks based on the surface and game situation.

Team Dynamics and Test Match Longevity

Ravindra’s Insights on Test Match Duration

Ravindra stressed the significance of realizing the longevity of a Test match. With five days of play and 90 overs each day, he emphasized the need for calmness within the team.

Bringing Calmness to the Team

The transition from one-dayers to Test cricket requires a shift in approach. Ravindra highlighted the importance of bringing a sense of calmness to the team during the longer format.

Adapting to Sub-Continent Conditions

Challenges and Opportunities

Playing Test cricket in the sub-continent poses unique challenges. Ravindra discussed the transition period, acknowledging the need to adjust quickly despite having ample time in a Test match.

Strategies for Different Situations

Ravindra highlighted the different roles he might play in Bangladesh, possibly facing spin immediately. Adapting his game plan to face slower bowling becomes crucial in these situations.

Contribution to Left-Arm Spin

Dual Role as a Batsman and Spinner

Recognizing Ravindra’s versatility, the article explores his dual role as a top-order batsman and a left-arm spinner. His ability to contribute in both departments adds depth to New Zealand’s lineup.

Strategies for Success in Bangladesh

Based on his prior experience in Bangladesh, Ravindra has devised plans for his left-arm spin. Adjusting the pace and targeting specific areas, he aims to contribute significantly.

Tour Details

Overview of New Zealand’s Tour

New Zealand’s tour of Bangladesh includes two Tests to be played in Sylhet and Mirpur. The article provides a brief overview of the tour and sets the stage for the cricketing action.

Test Venues and Expectations

Details about the venues for the Test series and the expectations surrounding New Zealand’s performance in Bangladesh are discussed, adding context to the upcoming matches.


In conclusion, Rachin Ravindra’s journey from the World Cup to the Test series against Bangladesh is filled with anticipation. As he adapts his game to red-ball cricket and navigates the challenges of playing in the sub-continent, fans eagerly await his contributions to New Zealand’s success.

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