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Champions Trophy 2025: Pakistan Hosting Challenges

The International Cricket Council has offered Pakistan the right to host the Champions Trophy 2025, scheduled to be held in February and March, although a formal hosting deal is yet to be finalized

This issue was discussed at the recent ICC meetings in India. PCB officials express optimism about the agreement being signed soon. Pakistan’s position is clear: if a country cites security concerns about sending a team, the ICC should refrain from taking a unilateral decision. Instead, a thorough investigation should be conducted in consultation with an independent security firm.

All the teams except India have recently played in Pakistan without any security issues. Consequently, the recommendation is that all competitions should take place in Pakistan, except given genuine security concerns as certified by an independent security firm.

According to sources, due to the current situation, the Indian government cannot allow the BCCI to send the Indian team to Pakistan. The PCB acknowledges the political nature of this issue and hopes for a solution at the government level. If India chooses not to send its team, alternative solutions are explored such as shifting Indian matches to neutral venues and ensuring full compensation for lost revenue through ICC advice. The management committee of the previous PCB had also objected on the basis of ICC documents and is seeking legal advice. Although ICC president Greg Barclay and chief executive Geoff Allardyce visited Pakistan in May, the issue is yet to be resolved. The government is now seeking assurances, waiting for financial and other issues to be resolved so a deal can be signed next month.

Notably, PCB won the 2023 Asia Cup in Sri Lanka on a hybrid model, hosting only four matches in the country. If the Indian team goes, a similar approach would be followed for the Champions Trophy, albeit at a much higher cost

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