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Babar Azam talks about struggles and performance concerns

Babar Azam, the former captain of Pakistan, presently representing Rangpur Riders in the ongoing Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) 2024, recently shared insights into his cricketing journey, aspirations, and challenges. In an exclusive interview, Azam candidly discussed his quest for continuous improvement and the intricacies of adapting to different cricketing environments.

Expressing his dissatisfaction with his current form, Babar Azam highlighted his relentless pursuit of excellence and the pursuit of uncharted milestones in his career. He emphasized that setbacks serve as valuable learning experiences, fueling his determination to evolve as a cricketer.

Addressing the challenges posed by quality spinners in the BPL, Azam underlined the importance of adapting his game to diverse conditions. Transitioning from New Zealand to Bangladesh, he acknowledged the contrasting pitch and weather conditions, affirming his commitment to adjust his gameplay accordingly.

Furthermore, Babar Azam stressed the importance of striking a balance between youth and experience in T20 cricket. While acknowledging the vitality of young talent, he emphasized the indispensable role of seasoned players in navigating pressure situations, particularly in foreign settings.

Drawing attention to the significance of preparation, Azam highlighted the challenges Asian players encounter in countries like Australia, New Zealand, England, and South Africa. He emphasized the need for thorough preparation to tackle varying pitch conditions and bounce levels effectively.

Talking about his batting ability, Babar Azam attributed his proficiency in cover drives to his dedication and hard work. He expressed confidence in his ability to shoot well, citing it as the source of his personal confidence and professional identity.

In conclusion, Babar Azam’s insights shed light on the mindset and attitude of a seasoned cricketer trying to excel in the dynamic world of T20 cricket His unwavering determination to improve, adaptability to circumstances, and admit the price of experience is an inspiration to aspiring cricketers worldwide But he continues his journey and Babar Azam remains a symbol of resilience, skill, and determination in modern cricket.

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