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Top 10 Best Fielders in Cricket right now

Cricket, often hailed as a batsman’s game, equally celebrates the art of fielding. In a sport where every run saved is as important as a run scored, fielders play a key role in determining a team’s success. In this article, we explore the dimension of the 10 best fielders in cricket, celebrating their athleticism, precision, and game-changing moments.

Importance Of Fielding In Cricket

  • Saving Runs
  • Putting Pressure on Batsmen
  • Creating Opportunities
  • Boosting Bowlers’ Confidence
  • Balancing the Team
  • Changing Momentum


In the dynamic world of cricket, fielding is not merely a supporting act; it’s an art that can turn the tide of a match. As we explore the 10 best fielders in cricket, it’s essential to understand the integral role they play in contributing to their team’s success.

The Art of Fielding

Fielding goes beyond just stopping boundaries; it involves athleticism, agility, and a keen understanding of the game. The modern era demands the best fielders in cricket to be exceptional in various positions, making the art of fielding a cornerstone of success.

Criteria for Ranking

To compile a list of best fielders in cricket, we consider a combination of factors. From breathtaking catches to accurate throws and versatility in positions, these criteria ensure a comprehensive evaluation of a player’s fielding prowess.

Top 10 Best Fielders in Cricket

Ravindra Jadeja (India)

best fielders in cricket

Nicknamed the “Sir” of the field, Ravindra Jadeja is a marvel to watch. His exceptional ground coverage, reflexes, and bullet-arm throws have saved countless runs for India. Jadeja’s statistics, combined with his highlight-reel moments, firmly establish him as one of the premier fielders of the modern era.

Ben Stokes (England)

best fielders in cricket

Hailing from England, the charismatic all-rounder Ben Stokes is a force to be reckoned with. His acrobatic dives and laser-accurate throws make him a nightmare for batsmen looking to sneak a quick single. Stokes’s ability to turn the tide of a match extends beyond his prowess with the bat.

Shadab Khan (Pakistan)

best fielders in cricket

Shadab Khan’s fielding prowess is truly commendable. His ability on the field is marked by agility, quick reflexes, and a safe pair of hands. Whether positioned in the infield or patrolling the boundary, Shadab consistently showcases exceptional fielding skills. His swift movements, combined with a strong throwing arm, make him a valuable asset, saving crucial runs and often contributing to key breakthroughs. Shadab Khan’s fielding is a testament to his all-around cricketing abilities, adding a dynamic edge to his performance on the field.

Virat Kohli (India)

best fielder in cricket

The former captain of the Indian cricket team is not just a maestro with the bat; he’s a fielding virtuoso. Kohli’s agility and precision on the field are unparalleled, contributing significantly to India’s success. With an impressive 72 international catches, he sets the bar high for aspiring fielders.

David Warner (Australia)

best fielder in cricket

David Warner is a cricket superstar, especially for Aussies. He’s not just a run machine as an Australian opener; he’s also a top-tier fielder. His quick moves, speed, and knack for taking impressive catches at backward points make him a standout on the field. Warner’s dedication and excitement spread like wildfire, boosting the energy of his teammates.

Kane Williamson (New Zealand)

best fielder in cricket

The captain of the New Zealand cricket team, Kane Williamson, is not only known for his exceptional leadership but also for his brilliant fielding. His slip-catching and quick throws have been instrumental in New Zealand’s rise in international cricket.

Faf du Plessis (South Africa)

best fielder in cricket

South Africa’s cricketing stalwart, Faf du Plessis, is a mastermind on the field. His strategic positioning, coupled with a safe pair of hands, makes him one of the most reliable fielders in the game. Du Plessis’s ability to pull off stunning catches and run-outs is a testament to his commitment to the game.

Steve Smith (Australia)

best fielder in cricket

Steve Smith, besides being an unparalleled batsman, asserts his dominance as the world’s best fielder in cricket. This Australian dynamo exhibits exceptional fielding prowess whenever he graces the cricket field.

Primarily stationed in the slip position, Smith has not just mastered it but made it his own. The slip cordon is widely acknowledged as one of the most challenging fielding spots in cricket, yet for Steve Smith, it seems like second nature. In the realm of white-ball cricket, his ability to thwart runs knows no bounds. Placing him anywhere within the 30-yard circle transforms him into a defensive stalwart, akin to a vigilant tiger. Simultaneously, he can swiftly patrol the boundaries, showcasing his athleticism to secure valuable runs for his team.

Quinton de Kock (South Africa)

best fielder in cricket

Behind the stumps or prowling the boundary, Quinton de Kock is a livewire on the field. His lightning-fast glovework and quick run-outs make him one of the best wicketkeeper-batsmen in the world, adding an extra dimension to South Africa’s fielding unit.

Trent Boult (New Zealand)

best fielder in cricket

While fast bowlers may not always be in the limelight for their fielding, Trent Boult defies that stereotype. The Kiwi speedster’s athleticism, especially in the outfield, has resulted in crucial breakthroughs and saved valuable runs for New Zealand.

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It becomes evident that the art of fielding is an indispensable facet of the game. Beyond the numbers and statistics, it’s the moments of brilliance, the impossible catches, and the game-changing run-outs that elevate these fielders to legendary status. In a sport where every run counts, these guardians of the green continue to leave an indelible mark on the cricketing landscape, captivating the hearts of fans worldwide.

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